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CO₂ Savings Calculator


Low application temperature adhesives require less energy to heat up the Hot-Melt units. This can generate savings both financially with lower energy bills and environmentally with reduced CO₂ emissions.

CO2 Savings Calculator

For an instant calculation of your potential savings on both energy and reduced CO₂  emissions, please fill in the attached questionnaire. We'll send you a FREE report of the potential savings you can make when using low application temperature hot melt adhesives.

Q1 What is your current energy rate?
(a typical energy rate currently is 34.93 p/kWh – if you know your rate enter it here)
£ /kWh
Q2 How many hot melt tanks do you have on site? (tank capacity 4kg)    
Q3 What is the average running time per tank per week?   hours
Q4 What is your current operating temperature using traditional glue?    
Q5 What is your desired operating temperature using Perfecta Technology?    
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